Spy Camera Technical Glossary

Here are a number of the foremost commonly used technical terms and phrases related to spy cameras, and their straightforward definitions:

CMOS—CMOS stands without charge Metal-Oxide Semiconductor and refers to image sensors among a digital camera that convert light-weight into electrons. CMOS sensors normally consume very little power and are usually terribly cheap to manufacture. several CMOS sensors have a similar parity because the dearer CCD sensors. As a rule, CMOS cameras are comparatively cheap and have excellent battery life.

Micro SD—A Micro SD may be a terribly tiny flash memory card utilized in digital cameras and made by SanDisk, that is where it gets its name. A Micro SD card as hostile an understandable SD card is teeny, measuring simply fifteen X eleven X one…millimeters, not inches. it’s a transportable memory supply utilized in several electronics.

Kbps— after you see Kbps in reference to a spy camera, it’s creating reference to the info transfer speed. the upper the quantity or Kbps, the faster the transfer speed. for instance, a fifty six Kbps pc modem is as slow as a dinosaur compared to at least one with three,000 Kbps.

FPS—FPS stands for Frames Per Second and refers to the frame rate or frame frequency at that an imaging device like a camera can turn out distinctive consecutive pictures. These pictures are known as frames. For security spy cameras, the lower the FPS, the poorer the standard of the image.

Recording Format—Refers to a format for encoding knowledge for storage on a storage medium.

mAh—Millamp Hours. will be} describing the full quantity of energy a battery can store at only once. With the next mAh rating, a battery will power a tool that needs a lot of power or power a tool for a extended amount of your time.

Lux—This may be a live of sunshine intensity. In camera speak, lux refers to the minimum quantity of sunshine necessary for the camera to require photos. The lower the lux, the a lot of sensitive the camera.

IR LED—Infrared light-weight Emitting Diodes used to power devices like remote controls. the actual wavelength that’s transmitted by the infrared light-weight tells the device what to try and do. consider an overseas management for your garage door or TV.

AV Out—Audio/visual out.

RCA—A kind of electrical connector used to hold audio and video signals. is also known as a phono connector or cinch connector.

Transmission Power—This term refers to the transmission of electricity from any power supply on to an electrical load while not using interconnecting wires. This power output is measured in milliwatts.

PAL/NTSC—This refers to 2 of the most tv broadcast standards used round the world: PAL and NTSC. These aren’t interchangeable as they’re incompatible, therefore PAL will not work during a country using NTSC and vice versa. NTSC video tape format can play in all USA video players.

GSM—GSM stands for international Systems for Mobile communications and is that the international normal for cellular phone service. In spy or security cameras, this refers to audio bugs or sometimes still cameras which will send a picture over GSM mobile network from a built-in SIM card.

Knowing a number of the technical terms for spy cameras will assist you apprehend that varieties to shop for for resale. data is power!


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